PHOTON TECHNOLOGIES Custom, High Performance Photovoltaic Products

PHOTON TECHNOLOGIES Solar Panels can provide an easy way to add
electrical power to your Skylight and Window Products.

PHOTON TECHNOLOGIES, in addition to supplying you with Large Plate Solar Skylight Laminates, can also provide very powerful smaller size Solar Panels for your Motorized Shades for Windows and Skylights. These small Solar Panels can be produced in High Production Volume in any Voltage or Current output. Most Motorized Window and Skylight Shades use a 12 volt Motor to raise and lower the Shade and operate from a small, 12 volt DC Battery or a set of 10 AA Non-Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries that need to be replaced as the Shades are used more often.

By adding one of our small Solar Panels to your Shade or Curtain product, you can now use a small, sealed 12 volt Gell-Cell Rechargeable Battery, or a set of Rechargeable AA NiCad or NiMH Batteries. This is especially valuable for Skylights or Windows that are locate high in the Ceiling. No climbing tall ladders to replace batteries!

As shown below, our Mini-Solar panels are available in Glass Thin-Film, Plastic Thin-Film and Crystalline Type Solar Cell Technologies. Each has its own particular design characteristics and merits. Please call us for more information on how our Mini-Solar Panels might best be used in your Window or Skylight Shade or Curtain Product.

Shown below are two more Solar Panel types, both shown in 15 volt formats. They can be installed either outside above the Window, inside on the window, installed during Window production within the laminate or double pane, or directly on the top or bottom support areas of of the shade.

We look forward to your inquiries on how you can adapt your Window and Shade products over to our Electric Power Producing Mini-Solar Panels for Recharging the Batteries on your Motorized Shading Products.

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For immediate responses to your Email inquiries, please address your comments and questions to Robert Mulligan, President-PHOTON TECHNOLOGIES, INC.


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