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Our Solar Panel "Photovoltaic" Solar Glass Laminates can be used by Window and Skylight Manufacturers in many designs. They can directly replace the glazing presently used in your framing and will offer unique opportunities for powering small to large Lighting and Ventilation systems.

Contact us for more details on how easy it is to use our Solar Glass Laminates in your existing Window and Skylight Products

Below are a few of the projects where our Solar Laminates and Panels have been used.

Building Integrated Installations

01 Canopy glazing - Wilkhahn in Bad Monden, Germany
Compound safety glass in overhead glazing

02 Glass roof shading - Oberste Baubehorde in Munich, Germany

03 Solar station with light roof and facade - Aliguth in Starnberg, Germany
Light roof over dispensing pumps and facade of office

04 Complete roofs on two one-family houses-Kinderdorf in Zwickau, Germany
Hip roof with roof integration

05 Facade-Umweltministerium in Munich, Germany
Renovation of facade with 66 large-area laminates

06 Roof installations-Bad Aibling and Gaggenau, Germany

07 College for civil servants-Hof, Germany
Integrated roof with opaque and semi-transparent sections

08 Church-Friedersdorf, Germany
Standard modules integrated in church roof

09 Electric Power Plant-Minden/Ravensburg, Germany
Semitransparent insulating glass

10 Library building-Barcelona, Spain
Semitransparent insulating glass

11 Marquise for shading of administration building-Chemnik, Germany

12 Facade-Building in Pukbrunn, Germany
Cold-facade elements and semi-transparent insulating glass

13 Residential building with panelled balcony railings- in Pukbrunn, Germany
Pre-attached opaque panels as balcony railing

14 Roof installation-Friedberg-Statzling (Germany)
Roof integration in residential house with opaque panels

15 Roof instailation-Institute de Microtechnique in Neuchatel, Switzerland
Roof integration

16 Roof installation residential house - in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany
Opaque panels and semi-transparent insulation glass panes

17 Building integraton, Karlshuld, Germany
Opaque standard panels

18 Roof of Institute Building - in Florianopolis, BR
First Brazilian grid-connected PV installation

19 Landesamt fur Umweltschutz in Augsburg, Germany
Semi-transparent in ceiling of connecting passage

20 Facade-University of Hong Kong
Opaque Standard panels

21 Facade-University of Trier in Birkenfeld, Germany
Semitransparent insulation glass in connecting passage

Power Plants

22 Test field - Stadtwerke in Neumunster, Germany
10 arrays with 4 standard panels each

23 Test field-Central power station in Waltenhofen, Germany

24 Test field-Solar-Wasserstoff-Bayern in Neunburg vorm Wald, Germany
Framed arrays, 4 standard panels each glued on aluminium rims

25 Elektro Solar in Dresden, Germany
Standard panels

26 Dam covering-Telessio, Italy
Standard panels, 2,000 m above sea level

27 Test field-Kobern-Gondorf, Germany
Standard arrays

28 Testfield-in Pelworm, Germany
standard arrays

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